Special Initiatives

While we have received funding for the main park, need additional funds for creating the Vertical garden, Planting of Trees, Plants and drip irrigation system to complete the pending work.


proposed sensory park

The proposal incorporates the following :

  • Providing a multisensory experience to VC students: smell, sound, Proprioceptor (body posture and balance and kinesthetic sense (movement and balance), tactile explorations.
  • A beautiful green zone contributing to the visual aesthetic of the campus.
  • Adherence to safety and security conditions, using snake-deterrent plants.
  • Creating a learning environment in an interactive relaxing mode through playful creative zones.
  • Exposure to basic knowledge of history, botany, mythology, landscape, composting, gardening etc.
  • Informal gatherings encouraging small impromptu performances.
  • Controlled exposure to water through various element: fountains, sprinklers etc.
  • Sustainable landscaping for economic maintenance :
    • Reusing excavated soil.
    • Drip irrigation.
    • Rain water harvesting.
    • Recycling grey water.
  • A space for celebrating festivals.
  • The facility will help in image building and branding to attract donors and well wishers.